I really like a Twitter trend #ShoterHR. The idea is to write HR policy in 140 characters or less. Below are some of the best examples together with a number of my own contributions.

This exercise also has a serious point. It would be a major step forward if HR policy could be written in clear and easy to understand English.

Here is a mixture of the funny and the serious.

Death benefit; You die, we pay.

Don’t sack pregnant women, ever. @ http://twitter.com/ljanstis

Deferred bonus: no bread today, maybe jam tomorrow.

Restrictive covenants: Don’t nick our clients, staff or supplies. Or, our price list. http://twitter.com/daniel_barnett

Fire prevention policy: Don’t light fires in the office.

Health and safety: Oh for goodness sake, just be careful won’t you! http://twitter.com/DamsonHR

Retirement age policy: Holding back the years.

Mobile phone policy: Switch it off, http://twitter.com/imhrplus

Personal hygiene policy: No no to BO

Equal Opportunities Policy: Treat everyone fairly and the same, Always. http://twitter.com/JacksonT0ny

Drug abuse policy: no sniffing, no injecting,

Relationships at work policy: Don’t screw the crew. @davidmorganllb

Employee Share scheme: Buy our discounted shares. We prosper, you prosper.

Dress code: you are not clubbing, gardening or at the beach. NB. For lawyers, or going to a funeral. http://twitter.com/rarfarr

IT Support policy: Turn it off, then turn it on.

H R Policy: Be sensible (To replace all policies). @HR_Gem

HR Job descriptions:
HR Manager: Gandhi + Jedi Master
Reward Manager: Gandalf + Dr Who
Training Manager; Peter Pan + Seb Coe

Compromise Agreement: It’s not that we don’t like you, but here is some money, now go away. (Adapted from @dds180)
Clear Desk Policy: Nothing on top after working hours.

Sabbatical leave policy: we will not pay for your mid-life crisis. Enjoy Goa, See you in six months. @beth_Marie

Cycle to work policy: On yer Bike. @davidmorganllb

Industrial Action: Worker unpaid inaction.

I have tried to credit the originator – but it is not always clear who originally wrote these. If you know better let me know. Those not attributed are mine.

If you have better #shorterhr please add in the comments.


2 thoughts on “#ShorterHR

  1. Brevity, Simplicity and Authenticity are themes I developed in the book “Punk Rock People Management” – I set myself the goal of summarising a large number of HR subjects in less than two sides of A5 WITHOUT losing the content.

    The book ended up being just 39 pages long – I call it “The 39 Steps (of HR)”

    Free copies (and paid for ones) of the book available via http://www.academy-of-rock.co.uk/punk-rock-hr

    Perhaps we need a one page book called “The 39 Tweets (of HR)” 🙂

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